Employed Position Describes Your CNA Duties

If you have completed Nurse Aide Training program and earned the CNA Certification by passing the Licensing Test, you are allowed to work in a hospital, nursing home, hospice, long term care unit, rehabilitation center and other facilities. You are also permitted to work as a travel nurse aide, home health aide, private duty CNA and school nurse aide.

In course of your employment for routine nursing cares of the patients, you are required to execute various types of CNA Duties. It is also necessary that you must follow the provisions of state and federal authorities, and Nurse Practice Act, while executing your job responsibilities.

It is also wise to remember that your CNA Job Description shows the responsibilities that must be executed by you. You may be working part time, full time, day or evening shift. In addition, you must be ready to start your shift any time, irrespective of your shift hours because a patient require 24 hours caring and may require your service anytime.

Further, you must be fit and active because, in course of your employment as a nurse aide, you may also have to travel frequently to attend patients in distant locations and perform duties as required by the patient. You must be capable of lifting certain weight because you may have to reposition the patients, assist them in their movement through wheel chair and stretcher.

As a certified Nurse Aide, you must also keep in mind that different facilities also require execution of varied duties, and your responsibilities varies from facility to facility. For example, if you work in a Rehabilitation Center, you are required to deal with elderly residents and perform responsibilities related to that Center.

Your duties in Rehab Center include:

• Maintain Health Condition and Care Report of the resident.
• Assist the residents in their daily living activities.
• Count, measure and record vital signs.
• Assist in, speech or occupational therapy activities as directed by the therapist.
• Work under the direct supervision of the registered nurse and report everyday condition of the patient to RN.
• Assist in the rehabilitation plan and transfer of the resident.

Similarly, if you work as a Travel Nurse Aide, your job requires working in a distant located facility. The duty that must be executed by you depends on your employed facility. You may have to execute basic nursing duties, along with the facility specific duties. The job Description of a travel nurse aide depends on the place of working.

It is also vital that whatever be your CNA Duties and Responsibilities, you must bear compassionate nature and humble behavior while offering cares to the patients.

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